.... And thank you for visiting our webbased antique shop. My wife and I have been in the antiques and collectibles business since 1992 but have been collecting one thing or another for much longer. We enjoy the hunt, the travel, and the wonderful people we meet.

.... We have an eclectic mix of affordable unique antiques and collectibles from the late 1800's through the 1960's. We hope that you like what you see, find what you're looking for, and that you will shop with us again and again.

.... If you don't see what you're looking for, don't panic. We have a lot of items that are not listed, so E-Mail with your wish list.

.... If the picture and/or description of the item is not sufficient to help you decide, please E-mail

.....Please note, the majority of the items in this webshop are located in one of our mall spaces so your order may take a couple of days to process.

....We have a new link to our webshop. It's a Smartphone APP so that you can visit 24/7/365. Email if you want us to send you a link.


Sales Tax:  Pennsylvania residents must pay a 6% sales tax unless they can provide valid resale information.

Domestic Shipping: As we are upgrading this site we are removing the postage requirement on high end expensive items and adding the domestic postage cost into the price of the low cost items. 

International: Shoppers, you should always inquire first. For light weight non-breakable items there may not be any additional charge. On some occasions you may be billed a few additional dollars...primarily on glass, pottery and other larger items. Multiple item purchases; please always inquire first. We will do our best to keep your postages at a reasonable rate.

Paypal: This makes your shopping experience easier and probably more enjoyable since no gasoline will be involved in the purchase.

Multiple Items: We WILL combine shipping on multiple orders but are unable to do it as you order so initially you must pay the full amount and we will refund the excess, via Paypal, or let us know what you want and we will send you a Paypal invoice with the proper postage.

Money Orders: Always an acceptable option.

1. Email us, listing your selections, and we will send you an itemized billing. Mail payment within 4 calendar days from billing.

2.Make Money Orders payable to:

Electronic Fund transfers are also acceptable for purchases over $500.00 - please inquire.