Please be patient, we're still working on this page and not sure how to approach it yet. Input is appreciated

In the meantime...............

As we are constantly striving to upgrade our inventory we may not necessarily be interested in purchasing everything you currently see....but, if you have anything in these categories even if it's totally remote, are interested in selling, and you live in our commuting area, please feel free to
contact us with a few pictures and asking prices.

We also, ALWAYS!!!, are interested in adding to our own collections and would be interested in the following areas:

Lunch Pails and Thermoses - Ivory - Disney - Early 1900 Chalkware type carnival dolls with mohair wigs or real hair - Figural flower frogs - some Muncie Pottery - some Van Briggle Pottery - some Lladro figurines - Comic Art - Ramp Walkers - Shaving Mugs - Silver items - Vintage Valentines - paintings by Eugene Schmidt - early books (no Book Club, Library or Large Print editions please) by Mickey Spillane, Ross Thomas and his pseudonym Oliver Bleek, Clive Cussler, Richard Stark, Peter O'Donnell, John D MacDonald, Lawrence Block, Raymond Chandler and probably a couple of other authors whose names escape me at the moment.

Thanks for your time.

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